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So what is Love Is Action Community Initiative anyway?

The Love Is Action Community Initiative was birthed out of the Faith In Motion initiative that has successfully helped children and families in need in Orange County California since 2004. 

National child advocate, Rhonda Sciortino, attended one Faith In Motion meeting and knew that this had to be replicated and expanded in communities throughout the US. 

Rhonda is passionate about equipping people to help one another because she was the toddler who was abandoned. She was the 4 year old who was being abused by caregivers. She was the homeless 8 year old, the 16 year old on her own, and the 21 single mom with no family, no food, and no money.

There were people who helped Rhonda along her journey from foster care to millionaire, the title of the book she wrote for teens in the foster care system. The Love Is Action Community Initiative is all about connecting people because we can change the trajectory of all our lives with a little love and kindness.

Rhonda's dream is to encourage people to put their Love into Action under the guidance of child welfare professionals in communities throughout the US. Her book, Love Is Action--how to change the world with love, gives ideas for doing just that.

Love Is Action Community Initiative participants are made up of Partners, which are non profit membership organizations like the National Foster Parent Association and the Association of Christian Childcare Administrators; non profit Programs like Safe Families for Children, Woodson Center, The Foster Haven, Foster Care Closet, Teen Leadership Foundation, Handle With Care, and many more; and non profit Resources like Malachi Global Foundation, CarePortal, Doing Good Works, Kits of Hope, Successful Survivors Solutions, Your Real Success, Vanguard University's Global Center for Women and Justice, and more, all of which exist to directly or indirectly help children and families. And of course, it wouldn't be a community initiative without caring individuals, places of worship, businesses, groups and clubs in the community.

Love Is Action Community Initiative invites everyone to hop on board this movement and to put their love into action at home, with their neighbors, and in their communities. Everyone is encouraged to do what is "no big deal" to help others in cooperation with the social services professionals in their areas. Here are some ideas:

The overarching mission of Love Is Action is to eradicate social isolation and the societal ills that emanate from it. There is a place for each of us. We all belong to one great big family!

Come join us. There is no cost. There is no specific time commitment. You have everything to gain and nothing to lose. 💞


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