What is Love Is Action?

Love Is Action is a community initiative that connects community stakeholders, including businesses, the faith community, government services, non profit social service organizations, justice and law enforcement, education, mental health, civic groups and clubs, and concerned individuals, to help prevent child sex trafficking, child abuse, suicide, homelessness, and other societal ills.





There are likely people and organizations in your community who are already engaged in the work of helping others. Love Is Action can help to engage others to come alongside existing programs, and to help you fill in any gaps by bringing in other proven effective programs.

By choosing a LIA vetted, effective, replicable program, such as the ones below, you can begin immediately to help STOP CHILD SEX TRAFFICKING, and reduce domestic violence, child abuse, substance abuse, crime, and other societal ills that emanate from social isolation. You can begin today by simply downloading the free materials we've included on our Resource Page. We're here to help you, so contact us and subscribe to stay in touch. 

LIACI improves your community by helping kids and families


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Love Heals

Whether you represent a house of faith, business, public or private social services or child welfare organization, civic or community group, or are one individual who wants to DO SOMETHING to make a positive difference in the lives of others, you can be the "Champion" who launches LOVE IS ACTION in your neighborhood.

We'll help you get started. 

One Person Can Make A Difference


One of the easiest ways to get involved with LOVE IS ACTION is to offer your "NO BIG DEAL" to a good social services organization near you.  Your "no big deal" could be life changing for someone else.


Can you bake a birthday cake for a child who's never had one? Can you give someone a ride to work? Can you help someone learn to read? Can you use your "couponing skills" to get free products for people who need them? Can you teach someone to do something that comes easily to you? Can you pray for someone?

EVERY act of kindness has the potential to change the trajectory of someone's life. 

Every person, every business, and every group or club can do something!

To find a good organization near you, contact these associations

What Are YOUR Ideas?

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YOU can make a lasting impact for good in your community by launching LOVE IS ACTION in your hometown.

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