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We're grateful to Matthew West for his song DO SOMETHING

Here are some products that have been donated that will help others while helping us share the LOVE IS ACTION COMMUNITY INITIATIVE

Acts of Kindness, small or large, help everyone make their world a kinder place. Through the simplest act of kindness, all of our lives are improved. Genuine caring is best expressed through encouraging and helping others. Kindness fills the emotional “fuel tank” of others as well as ourselves. This book gives simple suggestions for connecting with others, which is the powerful undercurrent of kindness.

Acts Of Kindness 101 Ways To Make Our World A Better Place

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  • Acts of Kindness is a wonderful way to show appreciation for an act of kindness, and it's also a helpful way to give a gentle reminder to others to be kind. The great thing about Acts of Kindness is that all the suggestions are simple and easy to act on. If you want ideas for being kind to everyone from those closes to you to those you'll never see again, get Acts of Kindness 101 Ways To Make Our World A Better Place!