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We're grateful to Matthew West for his song DO SOMETHING

Here are some products that have been donated that will help others while helping us share the LOVE IS ACTION COMMUNITY INITIATIVE

In Succeed Because of What You’ve Been Through, Rhonda tells how she overcame the “crazy-making” events of her childhood, going from poverty, filth, hunger, and loneliness to affluence, order, fulfillment, and relationships. And, more importantly, she explains how you can use the obstacles in your life as stepping stones to a great future!

Succeed Because of What You've Been Through

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  • Succeed Because of What You've Been Through is not only the story of how one woman overcame abandonment, abuse, poverty, and homelessness to become a successful business person, child advocate, author and speaker, but it's also a "how to" for anyone who wants to mine the lessons out of what they've been through to create their own personal and professional success. You really can turn your most painful adversities into your most powerful advantages!