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Succeed Because Of What You've Been Through book and workbook

Succeed Because Of What You've Been Through book and workbook


Most of us who are victims of child abuse, neglect, abandonment, or molestation go on quietly with our lives, hoping that no one will pick the scabs off of our barely concealed wounds. Often, the fractured memories of painful experiences lie just below the surface and trigger anger, frustration, or depression, leaving others wondering why we are "overreacting."


Sadly, feelings of being unwanted, unloved, stupid, ugly, and [fill in the negative adjective] hold many of us back from fulfilling our full potential. Succeed Because of What You’ve Been Through tells how Rhonda Sciortino went from poverty to affluence, from aloneness to a network of wonderful friends and family, and from feeling unwanted and unloved to feeling a genuine sense of worth and value. More importantly, in this book she relates how others can live lives complete with good relationships, health, hope, and the incomparable satisfaction that comes from finding and fulfilling one’s purpose.


Succeed Because of What You’ve Been Through will help everyone, especially people who have abused or abandoned, see themselves in a way that they may never have before—as skilled, talented, educated adults able to handle circumstances that would knock most people down and maybe out. Whatever adversity people have experienced is what qualifies them to fulfill their specific purpose.


This book is an easy, yet substantial read for everyone from 13-83.

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