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Successful Survivors, the 8  Character Traits of Survivors

Successful Survivors, the 8 Character Traits of Survivors

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Millions of people fail to reach their full potential. They feel “stuck” in unhappy relationships or they struggle on the job and financially. Some have experienced so much adversity that they’ve lost hope of improving their situations. Many want to improve their lives, but simply do not know how.

Successful Survivors is an “easy read” that provides compelling, relatable stories that emphasize the eight key elements of strength and character that anyone can use to overcome adversity and create personal and professional success.


    The stories in Successful Survivors help survivors of trauma and the people who care about them to see that it's in trauma that we develop the character traints we'll need to create authentically successful lives. Successful Survivors is a great gift for survivors of trauma and a great tool for those who care about them. 


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